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Formed in the late of 2004, from the ashes of bands that do not matter now (i.e. BMA pioneers Found Dead Hanging and Syracuse heroes, Word As a Virus). After tragedy and fate the 5 of us found ourselves bound together with new purpose and ideas. Each member of Architect has brought to the table a desire to completely let go of all that came before us, to live for today and to certainly live for our future.

Punk rock, hardcore and metal have for the most part become benign and boring. The notion of selling records has by far superceded the the vision and ideologies of the genres. the desire to shake things up and keep people thinking and growing. Current styles and trends in these communities are laughable and embarrasing. The once great notions of change and hope have become dumb and dull. Musically bands have become cookie cutter cut outs of the latest myspace or internet trends. In fact bands have risen from nowhere to ride the coat-tails of bands that have only themselves formed and become popular 6 months a year before.

We are sick of sitting by and watching what we love wither and die at the hands of trends and superficial garbage ideology. The passion and the flames have gone from eyes of the represenatives of these genres. Everything is safe, everyone sits on the fence, no one is talking about reality. No one is trying to open the hearts and minds of the millions of followers to these music styles. Hardcore/metal have become almost as shitty and predictable as pop music.

Enter Architect.

We will champion ideas and change. We will deliver brutal music with even more brutal be all end all truth and opinions. We will stick to our guns will will not tolerate fence sitting. We will tell you what is on our minds. We will tell you how it is and if you refuse to make your own mind up, we will make it for you. No regrets. No bullshit. No fucking trends. No stupid short sighted ideas of rockstardom. Musically we will not pretend we are inventing or reinventing a genre of music that has been wriiten already. We wont pretend that our influences dont exist, we will not rip off obscure bands ideas and pretnd they are our own. Instead we will proudly wear our influences on our sleeves and wave banners of homage to let bands like Sabbath, Crowbar, Coalesce, Groundwork, Deadguy, Eyehategod, etc. know that we love them and want to take what they have already done and put our twist and passions into what they started so many years ago.

The world's political body used to be the main source of rage and inspiration to punk rock and hardcore but that has taken a backseat to stupid haircuts and songs whining about girls. Well bob dylan is still alive and hairspray is bad for the environment so its time for this shit to stop. Thousands of kids are part of a movement that has all but forgotten its roots. Architect's agenda is to deliver these ideas back into the mainstream and underground with a heads up and point of view based in reality and delivered with ferocity and within some of the most punishing music we can create. We want kids to see us and get pissed off, to take a stand to start amd to question the world around them. To put down the game controllers and read a book. To stop believing in mass religions and start to think for themselves. Quit downloading porn and use the tool of the internet to educate and learn for themselves, friends, family and communities. Get off you ass and get involved. Think. Challenge. Rise above. Become more than a number.

Ghost of the Salt Water Machine

November 25, 2008

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All Is Not Lost

January 23, 2007

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