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Born From Pain

Che - Vocals
Karl - Guitar
Pieter - Drums
Rob - Bass
Stefan - Guitar

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Having licensed the Sands of Time disc through BMA from GSR Records in Europe, Born from Pain have since gone on to sign with our friends over at Metal Blade Records. The group hasn't hit American soil since before Sands of Time was released, but we're determined to get them over somehow. I was lucky enough to get to enjoy the group every night for several weeks during 2005's Persistence Tour in Europe alongside Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, Full Blown Chaos and The Red Chord. Absolutely devastating.

Hailing from the Netherland's Born from Pain play the single most devastating and brutal form of tough hardcore known to man. One of the hardest working European acts, Born from Pain have established themselves as a major force overseas, touring relentlessly and cramming their music down the throats of anyone brave enough to listen.

Born from Pain play with the ferocity of a rabid dog, the precision of a seasoned metal band and the overall delivery of a bulldozer. This is not some cookie-cutter mosh band. Born from Pain write solid, anthemic, hardcore songs that stand out in your mind and are fueled by the flare and passion that the genre was founded on.

Sands of Time


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