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If you ever wondered what the Pixies would sound like playing Slayer songs Lords is here to put your mind to rest. Like a combination of South of Heaven and Surfa Rosa, the Louisville, KY based band features ex-members of Coliseum and Lick Golden Sky. Lords don't just write songs. They absue their listener with an attack strategy of soaring discordant melodies, rock bombasts and grooves all churned together into two minute rock assaults. You have some idea of the attitude, style and background of Lords as Louisville is also the home of crusty, rocking bands like Coliseum, Black Cross and Breather Resist.

To be as blunt as three words could permit, Lords fucking rip. And while that could technically be shortened to two words, it just would not have been true to the band's essence. Drawing an instant similarity to Black Flag and other 80's punk and thrash bands, the critically acclaimed Lords consider themselves closer to Suicidal Tendencies or early Rollins band. The songs are short and to the point, fuming with rage and aggression, deeply rooted in punk and hardcore with a dirty Southern rock swagger.

Lords are heavily rooted in hardcore, but it stays far from the typical modern melodies and youth crew traditions. Their songs are quick, straightforward and simple but are jam-packed with riffs, tempos and styles. Fuck All Y'All Motherfuckers picks up where their debut Swords (released on Jade Tree in 2005) packing a unique and interesting punch that is fresh and new take on an old-school style. The more you listen the more the subtle layers and arrangements will jump out at you.

Now on Black Market Activities, this unforgiving 16-songs-in-23 minute slab of rock will turns heads to the grit and beauty of the world of Lords.

For fans of Black Flag, Entombed, Coliseum, Rollins Band and early Suicidal Tendencies

Fuck All Y'All Motherfuckers

October 14, 2008

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