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Formed in the winter of 2006, Romans is a four piece hardcore/metal/heavy rock band from Burlington, Vermont.

Recorded and mixed by Gonyea, and produced by the band, Romans' debut All Those Wrists is more than just a hardcore/metal record. While the chaotic speed of Converge, heavy ambiance of Isis, space-rock of Failure and Cave In, and the balls-out rock of Queens of The Stone Age can be heard, Romans choose to play without limitations. Rather than define themselves by genres, All Those Wrists showcases the band's focus: song-writing and structure over style.

Brought to the attention of Black Market Activities by Keith Allen (Architect) and Aaron Jenkins (Ed Gein), Romans have spent much of the last year on the road. They have played clubs, basements, teen centers, VFW halls and roller rinks with the likes of Architect, Silent Drive, Trap Them, Engineer, Destroyer Destroyer, Black Ships, Dance Club Massacre, The Pax Cecilia, Achilles, Tides, From Autumn To Ashes and Khann amongst others.

This maybe the first time you've heard of Romans, but All Those Wrists is just the beginning.

After years of toiling with different bands and styles, Justin Gonyea (guitar) teamed up with Ben Lee (guitar) and Kevin Savage (drums) to write and record what would be the initial demos for the band in Gonyea's basement in snow-covered Lincoln, Vermont. Seeing the potential, the band sought the services of Sean Martin (bass) and Tom Kelly (vocals) who after hearing the demos, immediately jumped on board. Lee soon left the band for college but the rest of the line-up spent the remaining months of the long Vermont winter recording their debut "All Those Wrists".

"It takes talent, technique and vision to incorporate the various strains of heavy music into a cohesive whole, and Romans possess each of these virtues... It took bands such as Neurosis and Isis years to discover what they were capable of - Romans might get there in a handful of months." - www.sevendaysvt.com

"While math meters and spiraling dissonance are present, the band's sound also spans melodic post-hardcore and atmospheric metal. The caustic riffs here contrast nicely with dreamy, wide-eyed textures. I've listened to it many times, and it hasn't lost any luster." - Cosmo Lee www.invisibleoranges.com

"All Those Wrists is an immediately impressive release. The band pummel forth with a guttural scream and pulsating riffs" - www.punknews.com

All Those Wrists

June 10, 2008

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